I started working in audio– and on podcasts, specifically– at a time when most people thought that “podcasting” involved maybe, I dunno, fishing? With peas? Or something?

From those quiet early days to our current boom times, I helped build an episode every week for a culture show that grew into a national radio/podcast behemoth with 750K+ listeners weekly. It earned praise from Entertainment Weekly (a “must-hear” podcast in 2015), InStyle (“need to download now”), the L.A. Times (“could be considered the icebreaker that helped public radio loosen up”), and many other kind outlets. We were a small staff, and I got my hands exceptionally dirty: as Senior Producer, I dealt with everything from segment/episode planning to active production, from promotion to live events, from talent booking to sponsor integration. And in the midst of the weekly frenzy, I passed on what I knew to our junior staffers.

Now I translate those skills– producing, booking, teaching, evangelizing– into freelance work. Most often, I join up with shows as a development producer, booking guests and/or brainstorming story ideas. I’ve had fruitful stints with many of the top podcast makers: Pineapple Street Studios (Back Issue), Luminary (Stoop Talks), APM (The Hilarious World of Depression), First Look / Public Address Media (a fantastic forthcoming show!) Western Sound (ditto!), and other audio hubs. Additionally, I do audio / story consulting for places as wide-ranging as Youth Radio (now “YR Media”) and a large tech firm that prefers to remain nameless/linkless. I’d happily lend a hand– and an ear– for you, too.

Since I’m steeped in the podcast and public radio landscape, I also do publicity work for authors/talent, brainstorming audio press strategies and booking wonderful folks on podcasts far and wide. In Summer 2020, I helped Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman– co-authors of Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close— appear on over 50 audio outlets. The book landed on the NYT/LAT/WaPo bestseller lists.

In sum, I can assist with any aspect of an audio enterprise: creative, logistical, staffing, booking, publicity, etc.. Starting a new show? Super! Revamping an existing one? I love makeovers! Looking to book top-notch guests for your podcast… or to get yourself on podcasts? I can hook you up! Struggling to find the essential nugget of your story? Did I mention I’VE BEEN GOLDPANNING BEFORE? (But the metaphor still works: I’ll help you dig for your best content and show it off.)

Regardless of your goals or your budget, feel free to get in touch and ask me how I can help. I do my best to tailor each consulting, booking, or publicity stint to your individual needs and schedule.

BTW, I also advise/edit/cheerlead in writing circles. If you’ve got a non-audio project that needs fresh eyes, let me know!



“Jackson was the reason why our launch was flawless. The detailed communication left no room for error and his professionalism made us feel completely at ease as he managed difficult scheduling. Not only did Jackson successfully book incredible guests, he also offered production consulting which helped us shape our season by introducing us to talent that we hadn’t considered.” ~Leila Day, producer/host, The Stoop and Stoop Talks podcasts

“Oh how I wish I could work with Jackson full-time! For two months, he was a consultant and booker who helped me and Aminatou Sow connect with podcasts and radio shows to promote our book. With his deep background in audio booking and producing, Jackson was able to hone in on many great angles in order to pitch us to a surprisingly wide variety of shows. Thanks to his efforts, we were able to reach dozens of outlets, not just literary podcasts. We consistently heard great feedback from producers about Jackson’s emails and ideas—his outreach was that good! He was also exceptional at keeping us organized behind the scenes, working diligently to communicate with producers about logistics so that everything was crystal clear to us, even as we were juggling a lot of media hits. And he was the very definition of a self-starter, requiring no oversight or nudging from us as he ventured forth in service of our project. He was a pleasure to work with at every turn, even in the smallest of interactions. At the end of our time together, he was clear and deliberate in how he transitioned off of our small team. A dream collaborator, truly. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” ~Ann Friedman, co-author of Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close and co-host of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast

“It’s as if Jackson has a sixth sense for knowing how audiences will receive messages, a handy feat for any media creator. His quick wits and quality judgments were essential in the production process of a new podcast I consulted him for. He’s cleverly constructive, collaborative, and was an absolute joy to work with — trusting him wholeheartedly throughout the consulting process was 100% worth it!” ~Angela ‘Merk’ Nguyen, host of Adult ISH podcast from Youth Radio / YR Media and Radiotopia 

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