I started working in audio– and on podcasts, specifically– at a time when most people thought that “podcasting” involved maybe, I dunno, fishing? With peas? Or something?

From those quiet early days to our current boom times, I helped build an episode every week for a culture show that grew into a national radio/podcast behemoth with 750K+ listeners weekly. It earned praise from Entertainment Weekly (a “must-hear” podcast in 2015), InStyle (“need to download now”), the L.A. Times (“could be considered the icebreaker that helped public radio loosen up”), and many other kind outlets. We were a small staff, and I got my hands exceptionally dirty: as Senior Producer, I dealt with everything from segment/episode planning to active production, from promotion to live events, from talent booking to sponsor integration. And in the midst of the weekly frenzy, I passed on what I knew to our junior staffers.

And that’s a big reason this page exists: I love teaching and pitching in on other shows. In that spirit, I’ve done audio/story consulting work for Youth Radio and a large tech firm that prefers to remain nameless/linkless. As a producer for hire, I’ve also done research and booking for Luminary (Stoop Talks), American Public Media (The Hilarious World of Depression), First Look / Public Address Media (forthcoming!) Western Sound (ditto!), and other audio hubs. I’d be happy to do it for you, too.

I can advise on any aspect of the audio-making process: creative, logistical, staffing, booking, etc.. Starting a new show? Super! Revamping an existing one? I love makeovers! Looking to book a top-notch guest roster? I can hook you up! Struggling to find the essential nugget of your story? Did I mention I’VE BEEN GOLDPANNING BEFORE? (But the metaphor still works: I’ll help you dig for your best content and show it off.) Regardless of your circumstances, feel free to get in touch and ask me how I can help. I do my best to tailor each consulting or booking stint to YOUR individual needs and schedule.

BTW, I also advise/edit/cheerlead in writing circles. If you’ve got a non-audio project that needs fresh eyes, let me know.


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